Even stones have a heart.

The passion we put into all our wines comes directly from the land where they are produced. The current premises of our winery are situated in Cavaion, on the ancient Tenuta Preella, whose name means “small stone”, originating from the word prea, namely stone in the local dialect. ico-botte
The soils of the lake area around the estate are of glacial origin and are therefore strewn with stones left behind when the glaciers retreated. This fact gives rise to the name of our top-selling line of wines in the world: Santepietre, a name that reveals all the characteristics of the local area in its bouquet of aromas.
The estate comprises 3 areas: the vineyards, the farmhouse and the winemaking facilities.

Tenuta Preella is synonymous with wine

The heart of the estate is definitely the farmhouse. The first documentary evidence of this ancient dwelling dates back to the mid-1500s. An old print shows the land between Cavaion and Calmasino, where the area was known as “Contrà Predelle”. Today, this historical building has been transformed into the Casa della Lamberti, where we have set up an attractive point of sale with a tasting area and a small barrel cellar.