In the heart of the Bardolino Classico area

The Lamberti winery is the pride of the ancient Tenuta Preela, a vineyard covering 27 hectares in the heart of the Bardolino Classico area. Here, surrounded by the amazing scenery of Lake Garda, the typical grapes are grown that are used to make Lamberti wines.ico-uva
Thanks to an established network of suppliers for the most characteristic grapes from the local “Venezie” area (Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trentino Alto Adige), as well as to long-standing partnerships with producers in the Prosecco area, Lamberti offers a full range of wines, which it successfully exports around the world.

A vineyard that has made history.

On these lands, vine-growing has been an integral part of the landscape since ancient pre-Roman times. In fact, the happy combination of a temperate climate and the mineral characteristics of the soil has always allowed the vines to produce the finest unique grapes.

A great tradition arises from cutting-edge cultivation

All the Tenuta Prella vineyards are managed using cultivation methods aimed at expressing the potential quality of the grapes in order to produce local wines with their own identity.
Weed management in the vineyards takes place without using chemical weed killers. Integrated pest management is adopted, favouring the use of substances with low environmental impact while encouraging natural insect control mechanisms and,when it is possible, biological pest control methods. All activities in the vineyards and wine cellar are conducted with respect for the environment and human health.